History of Mooresville, North Carolina

Moorseville, NC is a small community that was initially settled by German, English, and Scot-Irish families that moved from Rowan County and other nearby areas in the mid-1700s. These small communities eventually became known as the “Deep Well” due to a large natural well in the area.

The vast majority of these families had large farms that primarily focused on growing cotton. Many of these farms eventually turned into plantations. A railroad was also placed on a nearby ridge, as more people began to populate the area. However, the Civil War significantly hampered developments of the town and the tracks were removed to help the Confederate’s efforts in Virginia. The tracks were eventually returned after the war, and the population continued to grow and prosper.

The village eventually was incorporated into a town shortly after the Civil War. The town was officially named Mooresville in 1873, as it was named after John Franklin Moore, as he built many of the original brick buildings on Main Street.

The railroad lines began to operate through the town with the opening of a new depot. These railroad lines brought significant growth to the town. All of this growth resulted in Moorseville having its first water plant in the 1890s, a phone company in 1893, a library in 1899, and many different textile mills in the 1900s.

Selma Burke was a popular sculptor that was born in Mooresville and found fame during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. She also created the bust of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which would eventually be used as the image of the United States dime.

The Mooresville Public Library officially opened in 1939 and still remains there today. The library has a neo-classical style and remains the home of numerous events throughout the year.

The Mooresville Moors became the first minor league baseball team in the city to play for the Class D North Carolina State League between 1937 and 1942. The league ceased playing during World War II but began again once the war was over.

Mooresville, North Carolina continued to experience significant growth over the years compared to its humble beginning with a few settlers. Choosing to visit Mooresville, North Carolina provides a great opportunity to experience the history of the city while also enjoying many fun-filled activities throughout the year. Don’t delay any longer, but begin planning your trip to Mooresville, North Carolina today!